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SUVs and large trucks pose a big threat to pedestrians, cyclists

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2024 | Auto Accidents

In recent years, the popularity of SUVs and large trucks has grown among American consumers. While these vehicles offer benefits such as increased cargo space and improved off-road capabilities, their size and design pose a notable threat to the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

Understanding the risks associated with these vehicles helps promote safer streets and reduce the number of pedestrian and cyclist injuries and fatalities.

Why big cars pose big dangers

A primary reason SUVs and large trucks pose a threat to pedestrian and cyclist safety is their height and weight. These vehicles have higher front profiles compared to passenger cars. This makes it more difficult for drivers to see pedestrians and cyclists, especially in urban environments with heavy traffic and pedestrian activity. The increased weight of SUVs and trucks can also result in more severe injuries in a collision with a pedestrian or cyclist.

SUVs and large trucks also have larger blind spots than smaller vehicles, exacerbating the risk of pedestrian and cyclist accidents. The design of these vehicles reduces visibility for drivers, making it harder to detect pedestrians and cyclists in their vicinity. As a result, unsuspecting pedestrians and cyclists may find themselves in dangerous situations when crossing streets or navigating through traffic.

How big vehicles affect pedestrian and cyclist safety

According to Slate, SUVs and big trucks started outselling traditional sedans in America in 2002, and their popularity has grown steadily. The prevalence of SUVs and large trucks on American roads has contributed to an increase in pedestrian and cyclist injuries and fatalities. Pedestrians are more likely to die in a collision with an SUV compared to a passenger car. Cyclists, too, face a higher risk of serious injury in accidents with larger vehicles.

By raising awareness of the risks associated with large vehicles and implementing measures to enhance pedestrian and cyclist safety, policymakers and safety advocates can work to create safer streets for all road users.