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Elderly Plaintiff V. Skilled Nursing Facility

Rencher Law Group represented the family of an elderly man who was a resident in a skilled nursing facility. One of his nurses negligently administered methadone to him that was intended for another resident. In an effort to cover up her mistake, the nurse did not report or document the methadone administration nor did she provide any treatment. Our client suffered methadone poisoning, which caused serious medical complications, including bed sores because our client was unable to leave his bed for an extended period of time. By engaging in aggressive discovery tactics, Rencher Law Group was able to identify the nurse and force her to admit her wrongdoing. During the course of motion practice, our client contracted a virus associated with ongoing public health emergencies, putting his life in serious jeopardy. Rencher Law Group moved quickly to resolve the case for our client and his family, obtaining a seven-figure settlement that allowed our client to improve his living situation and be able to stay healthy.