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Guidance Through The Complex Field Of Rideshare Accidents

Rideshares like Uber and Lyft are now commonplace, as are the accidents that they cause. Some rideshare drivers are in such a rush to pick up their next passenger that they do not obey the laws of traffic. Others may be distracted by looking at the maps on their phones. In other cases, the rideshare company may share a portion of the fault.

Because of the complexity of rideshare accident cases, you need to work with an experienced California law firm. You can rely on us at Rencher Law Group, P.C., where our lead attorney has more than 20 years of experience. Our team of lawyers in San Diego and San Francisco considers the unique aspects of your crash to create a strategy tailored to your needs.

Liability And Rideshares: What To Know

Determining the at-fault parties in a motor vehicle accident involving rideshare vehicles is very complex. Although the driver often shares at least a fraction of the fault, the rideshare company may also have played a role. However, companies like Uber and Lyft do everything in their power to avoid vicarious liability. For instance, they require any injury lawsuits to go through arbitration instead of a trial and they ban passengers from bringing class action lawsuits against them.

Even though rideshare companies and their insurers are hellbent on preventing you from holding them liable for an accident, RLG can still help you. We are not afraid to take on powerful corporations like Uber and Lyft, and we have done so – successfully.

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