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What To Do When Children Get Injured In An Accident

An injured child is one of the worst nightmares of every parent. Unfortunately, this could happen in any place we consider secure: at school, at home or in a car while driving to the mall. As in every personal injury case, you can file an insurance claim or make the liable parties accountable, but the process might differ from the typical procedure for an adult.

First, either the child’s parents or guardians are the parties that will represent the injured child’s best interests and file for an insurance claim on their behalf. Second, your child cannot negotiate fair compensation, but you or an attorney can represent them before the insurance company.  At Rencher Law Group, P.C., in San Diego and San Francisco, we have helped many worried parents protect the interests of their injured children. Your only concern as a parent should be your child’s health and welfare.

Children Can Suffer Serious Injuries In Car Accidents

Just like other passengers, children can get injured in car accidents. Depending on how young a child is, it might be challenging to determine if the injuries sustained were minor or will become more serious as time advances. Your priority after a car accident is to get medical assistance as soon as possible.

When you file an insurance claim on behalf of your child, insurance agents will provide you with the required documentation, and just like in any procedure, the insurance company will calculate a settlement. If you are unsure about what is fair compensation for your child, remember that it should include past, present and future medical expenses and needs. It is best to consult a lawyer before you accept a settlement offer.

In the case of catastrophic injuries, the settlement should ideally cover long-term medical treatments. Unfortunately, children are prone to sustaining catastrophic injuries such as:

All of the above could severely impact your child’s quality of life. As in the case of adults, children can claim compensation for noneconomic damages such as physical and emotional pain and suffering as well as emotional distress. We know you may have questions and concerns.  Let us help you address them and give you options to protect your child’s health and future.

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