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Commercial truck accident statistics in California for 2023

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2023 | Commercial Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks pose significant risks on the road because of their size and weight. Knowing about these dangers can help you drive defensively and avoid serious accidents.

Review these 2023 commercial truck accident statistics for California to understand this critical road safety issue.

Commercial truck accident fatalities and injuries

California has had a total of 5,782 commercial truck accidents in 2023. These accidents involved delivery trucks, tractor-trailers and buses. The state reported more than 4,800 injuries and 321 fatalities in commercial truck collisions so far this year. According to Forbes, only Texas averages more fatal truck accidents each year.

Factors contributing to accidents

Speeding is a factor in 28% of commercial truck accidents. Distracted driving played a role in 16% of accidents, while impaired driving contributed to 9% of cases. Many road safety advocates recommend enhanced commercial driver education about the dangers of excessive speed and distractions behind the wheel.

Location may also contribute to these crashes, likely resulting from population density, traffic patterns and highway design. Los Angeles County had the highest number of accidents at 1,423. San Bernardino County was second with 816 accidents.

Most of California’s commercial truck accidents (64%) occurred during daylight hours between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. You should remain cautious even in ideal driving conditions.

Awareness campaigns, stricter enforcement of traffic laws and improved training for commercial drivers can contribute to reducing the number of accidents on our state roads. Drivers should exercise caution and follow traffic regulations to make our highways safer.