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These are the most dangerous intersections in San Francisco

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2022 | Auto Accidents

California offers some of the most beautiful roadways in the world. However, some of the larger cities are home to an extraordinary number of preventable automobile accidents.

San Francisco alone has a reputation as one of the deadliest cities for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists in the U.S.

Dangerous San Francisco intersections

Intersections are notoriously difficult to navigate, especially if you are not a regular driver on San Francisco roadways. A few of the most dangerous intersections within city limits include:

  • Mission Street and 16th Street
  • Market Street and Valencia Street
  • Polk Street and Geary Street
  • Fell Street and Masonic Avenue
  • Market Street and Montgomery Street
  • Fillmore Street and Fulton Street

Law enforcement encourages drivers to obey traffic laws and follow posted road signs. Additionally, drivers should remain alert and cautious when entering the above-mentioned intersections.

High-risk pedestrian crossings

Drivers are not the only ones at risk of a crash on busy San Francisco streets. The latest data shows that the highest number of crashes involving pedestrians occurred at the intersection of Market Street and 5th Street, with 20 accidents resulting in 21 injuries from 2016-2020. The intersection of Hyde Street and Turk Street came in a close second place with 19 crashes and 20 injuries.

If you suffer from an injury as a result of a car accident in California caused by someone else’s negligence, your life may never be the same. You deserve the opportunity to seek compensation for your losses, and you should know your rights under California law.