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Common causes of commercial truck accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2022 | Commercial Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks are the largest vehicles on the road and can have the most devastating consequences in an accident. Despite the need for truckers to prioritize caution, truck accident fatalities are at a 30 year high. With trucking accidents so common, what is causing these accidents to happen? Here are a few common causes of trucking accidents:


Truck drivers are commonly on a tight schedule to make their deliveries on time. To keep on schedule, truck drivers often exceed the speed limits. They may also speed to get ahead of schedule and enjoy a longer rest at their next stop.

Distracted driving

Truck drivers often spend more than twelve hours on the road every day. To combat boredom, they may turn to their phones for entertainment or eat food while driving. These distractions can quickly become a fatal mistake for those around them.


When drivers are behind schedule or looking to pick up extra hours, they may drive for longer than is allowed. Driving too long behind the wheel can cause fatigue and even result in a driver falling asleep behind the wheel.

Unbalanced truck loads

If the employees responsible for loading the truck did not create an even load in the vehicle, it could make the truck more likely to tip over in high winds and sharp turns. Even the most experienced drivers can fall victim to uneven truck loads.

Mechanical failure

Truck drivers are responsible for ensuring their vehicle is in prime condition to drive. Failing to maintain headlights, brake pads, windshield wipers, and other parts of the car can cause a serious accident later on.

Do not take your safety for granted

The next time you drive near a semi-truck, remember that there are many causes of trucking accidents and give these vehicles extra space on the road. A bit of extra precaution while driving can save your life, and the lives of your passengers as well.