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4 social media mistakes that affect personal injury claims

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2021 | Auto Accidents

After a serious accident, people often turn to social media to update loved ones and share their story about what happened. However, while this can be tempting, it is crucial to know that people make mistakes online that could jeopardize any personal injury claim they may choose to pursue.

We explore these mistakes below.

Making exaggerations

Sometimes people post pictures that make it seem as though they are happier, healthier or more successful than they truly are; other times, people play up situations hoping to garner sympathy.

In either case, exaggeration can have a dramatic toll on a personal injury lawsuit. For instance, pictures of you on vacation can conflict with statements you made regarding emotional distress. And writing to someone that you feel better than ever can cast doubt on the extent of your injuries.

Revealing bad choices

In a personal injury claim, individual behaviors are under a microscope. Thus, if you record TikToks while driving or brag about using drugs, those actions can raise red flags and compromise your case.

Insurance companies and other parties involved in a lawsuit can use this as evidence to contradict your statements or to support claims that your recklessness was to blame for an accident.

Harassing the other parties involved

After an accident, you should have the contact information of the other people involved. And with a quick Google search, you can find their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles.

However, using this knowledge and access to harass the other party, their family or their employer can ultimately backfire. Instead of collecting compensation for an accident, you could wind up facing your own civil charges – and possibly criminal charges – for harassment or cyberbullying.

Assuming you are anonymous

While you may have a discreet screen name or have your profile set to private, it is very simple for the things you say and do online to become public.

Assume that nothing you do or say online is truly private, especially when you are involved in a legal claim where someone will be digging into your online behaviors.

Avoiding these actions online can be crucial when you are involved in a personal injury claim. In fact, it could be wise to steer clear of social media altogether until settling your case.