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Family of Suicidal Patient

Rencher Law Group represented the family of a young man who committed suicide during his stay at a mental health institution in San Diego. Prior to being transferred to the mental health institution, the young man had a history of mental health issues due to recent losses within the family.

During his stay, the nurses in the institution failed to carry out adequate care that would keep the young man safe. The young man was placed on “Line of Sight” suicide watch after being found making a noose out of bed sheets. This required the nursing staff to always keep the young man within their eyesight. The nurses at the institution failed to do so, leaving the patient unattended long enough to create a noose from his bed sheets & hang himself from the bathroom door. The staff was aware that the patient has suicidal ideation of hanging himself.

After his death, the nurses who were responsible for these checks falsely recorded his whereabouts and that the Line of Sight had been maintained. Rencher Law Group was able to secure a multimillion settlement on behalf of the aggrieved family.