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Criminal Defense

Rencher Law Group, P.C. ("RLG") attorneys and counselors at law at all provide aggressive and effective representation in select Criminal Defense matters to individuals and companies charges with allegations of criminal activity.

Most people and companies are not only innocent of criminal allegations but are subjected to overreaching and manipulating prosecutors and judges, who simply rubber stamp allegations due of the illogical fear that everyone accused of a criminal activity must have done something wrong, many of whom have no real life experience and have no understanding the struggles of individuals from different walks of life.

While the accused are supposed to "presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt" they are subjected to excessive bail and redundant allegations that simply do not fit the alleged criminal activity. To add to a broken and dsyfunctional "criminal justice system" there are many attorneys masquerading as Criminal Defense attorneys only take your money then plea you out.

If you are a company or individual accused, RLC.'s attorneys and counselors at law that will assist you in understanding factors in your favor including but not limited to: defenses and constitutional protections that some laywers either simply do not understand and/or do not try cases. Our Criminal Defense lawyers at RLG have experience using all these factors in order to best advocate on your behalf.

Our Criminal Defense lawyers at RLG have experience handling DUI defense, misdemeanor, felony cases, white collar and insurance crimes. We have firsthand experience with district attorneys throughout the Bay area and understand how the prosecution builds their case.

If you have been accused of criminal acttivity, a Criminal Defense attorney at RLG will fight to protect your rights. We serve the entire Bay Area.

For outstanding legal representation, please contact RLG for a free consultation: (415) 877-4486

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